Victorinox MiniChamp Red 58mm

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Victorinox MiniChamp Red 58mm 

An icon of sleek functionality for your everyday adventures. 

This small MiniChamp packed with eighteen functions, includes a useful orange peeler, tucked away in its sleek red shiny Cellidor handles with a metal inlay Swiss Cross. 

The MiniChamp model is the largest of the Mini-Toolboxes incorporating numerous clever multi-functional tools.Tools:1. Small Blade 
2. Toothpick 
3. Key Ring 
4. Tweezers 
5. Pressurized Ballpoint Pen 
6. Blade - Letter Opener 
7. Orange Peeler 
8. Scraper 
9. Cuticle Pusher 

10. Bottle Opener 
11. Phillips Screwdriver 0/1 Magnetic 
12. Wire Stripper 
13. Nail File 
14. Nail Cleaner 
15. Screwdriver 2.5 mm 
16. Ruler (cm) 
17. Ruler (inches) 
18. Scissors

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