JSB Diabolo Knock Out Slug .177 MKII/4.51mm - 500 Pieces

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JSB Diabolo Knock Out Slug .177 MKII/4.51mm - 500 Pieces

New .177 MKII Knock Out Slug, one of the lightest slugs in the JSB Knock Out MKII second generation design, body diameter of 4,51mm with a new redesigned shape, same specially modified hollow point head for energy retention and wicked terminal expansion on impact. Highly accurate! Extremely advantageous high ballistic coefficient, consistent, designed with the ability to overcome air resistance in flight, ensuring a flat trajectory for maximum hunting expansion and penetration. These are designed to work primarily in High Power Airguns, ( FAC in the UK ). Recommended Use: Hunting/Pest Control - Longest Range 70 m

Pellet Diameter 4.51 mm
Pellet Weight 10.03 gr
Pellet Shape Slugs
Quantity 500 pieces

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