“Welcome to South-Africa’s leading survival school”

Boswa Survival is South-Africa’s leading survival training academy and we are proud to bring you STASA(Survival Training Association of South Africa) to establish a professional training standard for survival training in South-Africa.

“Established in 2007, Boswa Survival has since trained close to 4000 students. Our practical hands-on outdoor survival training courses will change your life and teach you the skills you will need to be able to survive in the outdoors. We have also developed online training courses that you can complete in your own time from the safety of your home anywhere in the world. We hope to welcome you around the campfire on a survival course soon where you will start your journey of discovery into the amazing world of survival”

In association with BoysToys the following courses are available for you to start your discovery and journey into the adventures of Outdoor Survival.

Book any of these courses directly by clicking on the course or at the BoysToys Shop in the Grove mall.

If you are interested in doing Kids Survival Parties, Team Building Events, Year-end Functions or More Advanced Survival Courses, please come speak to us at our shop in the Grove mall.

Kids Survival Course


4-Hour Discover Survival Course


Basic Survival Course


Advanced Survival Course


Basic Bushcraft Course


Basic Navigation Course


Basic Bush Medic Course