Advanced Survival Course

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Continue your journey of discovery on this advanced survival course where you will face challenges and build on your survival skills.

Survival techniques are expertly demonstrated by our instructors before you try the skills for yourself.

This advanced course is a skills development course, and you will need to have learned the basic fundamental skills of survival before attending this course. The course is conducted in a safe and comfortable bush camp where you will be able to master the skills at your own pace.

STASA certification, official course badge, accommodation and meals included.

Please Note: Duration: 2-days and 2-nights. Start on Friday 18h00 and finish on Sunday 12h00.

Maximum class size is 15 students per course to ensure safety and personal attention to each student.

This 2-day/2-night course is an advanced survival course, and you can only book this course if you have completed the Basic survival course. (Kids under 16 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult)


  • Basic survival course re-cap.
  • Selecting and packing survival kit.
  • How to set up a survival basha shelter system.
  • How to use your survival knife for advanced carving techniques.
  • How to make water using a solar still and transpiration bag.
  • How to prepare natural tinder and start a fire using advanced and one-handed methods.
  • How to make your own friction fire kit.
  • Extensive friction fire lighting training.
  • How to build an effective shelter from natural materials.
  • How to find, filter and purify water in the wild. Include solar still and transpiration to make water!
  • How to make and set up effective snares and traps.
  • How to skin and prepare a wild animal for food.
  • Survival psychology training.
  • How to build a signal fire and get rescued.
  • How to use a map and compass for navigation.
    What to bring:
    • Survival knife
    • Firesteel
    • Water bottle
    • Paracord (5m)
    • Fire bucket or cooking pot
    • Mug and spoon
    • Headlamp
    • Sleeping bag
    • Groundsheet
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Notebook and pencil

    Next Course Dates:


    7-9 April / 28-30 July / 6-8 October


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