Work Sharp Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener

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Work Sharp Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener

An EDC sharpener that's your pocket-sized solution to sharpen and hone straight and serrated edged knives. Also features the exclusive pivot technology, following the curve of the blade for an easier, more consistent edge.

Part of the pull-through knife sharpener series that sharpens to a true convex edge for superior edge retention and durability. Carbide and ceramic sharpening slots create and finish a sharp edge, while the tapered diamond rod restores serrations. Ideal for sharpening and honing all your straight edged knives, fillet knives and fine edged tools.

Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener Features:
Angle: 25 Degrees
Sharpening Abrasives: Convex Carbide/Ceramic Hone/Diamond Rod
Additional Features: Pivot Response/Tapered Diamond Rod For Serrations/Fine Edged Tools.

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