Work Sharp Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool

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Work Sharp Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool

A compact, lightweight EDC sharpener to sharpen and maintain your knives while on the go! Easily fits in the pocket, gear bag or toolbox, and keeps your knives razor sharp with handy torx bits for common knife maintenance of pocket clips and pivot hinges.

The angled guided medium grit diamond rod and fine grit ceramic rod, quickly restore a sharp edge to any knife, plain or serrated.

Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool Features:
Sharpening Angle: 25 Degrees
Sharpening Abrasives: Medium Grit Diamond Rod Sharpener, Fine Grit Ceramic Rod Hone
Additional Features: TORX Bits #T6, #T8, #T10 Plus Bit Driver 1/4" for Knife Maintenance

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