Wildebees WBM940 Mens Brown Strandloper Slip-on

Size: 12
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Wildebees WBM940 Mens Brown Strandloper Slip-on

We are the most comfortable pair of flip-flops you will buy and we will ensure a stylish, casual fit. As with the strong, genuine leather and sturdy soles used to manufacture us, you will have the urge to wear us everyday, everywhere you go. Furthermore we are a must-have for your shoe collection as we go with every casual occasion. Advertised as a fashionable casual pair of flip-flops, you can take us out of our box and slip us on. you will be ready for any casual occasion!

We are proudly, made and manufactured by South-Africans for South-Africans. And are made of a strong, dark brown, genuine leather, which is specifically designed to work in and under any circumstance or situation you put us in,

Our Features:
– Super sturdy and strong soles.
– Soft panels going over your toes as well as branding tags on our sides.
– Extremely comfortable fit and branding on inner.
– Genuine leather used to manufacture us.
– Soft stepping area for your foot.

How do you clean us?
Wipe us clean with a damp cloth. Or you can take a shoe brush with a small amount of Willewax and polish us until you are happy with the results.
DO NOT Machine Wash or Dry Clean.
DO NOT Tumble Dry.
DO NOT Bleach.

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