Walter PPQ M2 T4E FDE cal-43 with Quick Pierce Magazine

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Walter PPQ M2 T4E FDE cal-43 with Quick Pierce Magazine

The internationally successful large-caliber Walther PPQ M2 has now come out in a .43-caliber training version. This CO2 pistol provides realistic operation and loading – T4E is the Umarex abbreviation for “Training for Engagement”. The eight rounds in the magazine come out with an energy of 4 to 5 joules.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on Umarex Walther PPQ M2 .43 Cal. Paintball Pistol feels a lot like a double action trigger, internally it may be striker fired so expect a bit of a longer trigger pull with a fairly long reset and a medium strength trigger weight. There is also a working trigger safety which works well.

Quick Pierce Mag: The quick pierce mag lets you store the weapon for as long as you want, when you are ready to use the weapon just bump the button on the mag and it is ready to be used. No more gas leaking out.


  • Really great weight and solid feeling gun.

  • Full Metal slide that locks back on the last shot.

  • All metal heavy full size drop out magazine adds some additional weigth to the gun.

  • Very Accurate Walther PPQ replica, almost indistinguishable from the real still version.

  • Everything works pretty much like the real gun so a great training tool.

  • Adjustable yellow dot sights.

  • Working trigger safety.

  • Fit and finish is excellent.

  • Magazine spring release really shoots the magazine out.

  • Love the .43 caliber barrel opening, adds to realism.

  • Quick Pierce Mag. - CO2 can stay in and be stored for log periods of time. Just hit the button and it is ready to shoot


Caliber .43
Magazine Capacity 8 SHOT(S)
Length 180 MM

532 / 848 (WITH MAGAZINE) Grams

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