Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit MX Silver with Clip - Blister

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Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit MX Silver with Clip - Blister

The Swiss Tool Spirit MX Clip is the ultimate fusion of compact, practical EDC functionality with maximum portability 24/7, a stylish new direction for the versatile multi-tool. Elegant multi-tool with easy, fast, one-handed opening for large blade access, while fully lockable functions are all accessible from the outside. Designed with an integrated carry clip on the side of the multi-tool for comfortable, practical carry, always easily accessible, just slip the pocket clip into different positions in your pocket, belt or attach to an EDC gear bag. If you decide you no longer require the pocket clip, unscrew and store.

1. Needle Nosed Pliers
2. Wire Cutter for Thin/Soft Wire up to 40 HRC
3. Hard Wire Cutter
4. Large Blade w/One Hand Opening
5. Phillips Screwdriver 1/2
6. Reamer/Punch
7. Multipurpose Hook
8. Can Opener
9. Screwdriver 3 mm
10. Bottle Opener
11. Screwdriver 6 mm

12. Crate Opener
13. Wire Bender
14. Scissors
15. Metal Saw
16. Metal File
17. Screwdriver 2 mm
18. Chisel 7 mm w/Wire Scraper
19. Cable Cover Longitudinal Cutter
20. Cable Cover Crossways Cutter
21. Wire Stripper w/Scraper
22. Carry Clip


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