Victorinox Super Tinker

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Victorinox Super Tinker  

The Iconic Swiss Officer's knife, forms the basis for the modern Super Tinker, an EDC pocket knife or ideal tool to throw in a survival or hiking backpack. 

A medium, compact Officer's Knife with fourteen functions, including useful scissors and Phillips screwdriver. 

1. Large Blade 
2. Small Blade 
3. Phillips Screwdriver 
4. Can Opener 
5. Screwdriver 3 mm 
6. Bottle Opener 
7. Wire Stripper 
8. Screwdriver 6 mm 
9. Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl 
10. Phillips Screwdriver 1/2 
11. Scissors 
12. Multipurpose Hook 
13. Toothpick 
14. Tweezers 
15. Key Ring

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