Victorinox Standard Flexible Filleting Knife - 16cm

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Victorinox Standard Flexible Filleting Knife - 16cm

Fexible fish filleting knife, designed with a narrow bladeto remove skin and bones from delicate meats manouver easily around bones. The tapered cutting edge reduces drag when slicing through fresh fish, allowing for precision, effortless cutting.

The Victorinox Standard Range of household knives, feature injection moulded, dishwasher safe handles, 100% Swiss made, that rest comfortably in the hand.

Victorinox is famous for it's High-Carbon Stainless Steel blades, which hold exceptionally good edges and can be easily resharpened.

Blade Length 16 cm
Handle Polypropylene
Blade Steel X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel
Colour Black
Edge Type Plain

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