Victorinox Sportsman Red 84mm

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Victorinox Sportsman Red 84mm

Everything at hand - for both small and major trips. This small Officer's Knife has red shiny Cellidor handles with metal inlay Swiss Cross.

Blade Steel - Stainless Steel
Handle - Cellidor
Cutting Edge - Plain
Opening System - Manual
Knife Type - Folding/Pocket
Blade Length - 8.4 cm

1. Large blade
2. Nail file with
3. Nail cleaner
4. Corkscrew
5. Can opener with
6. Small screwdriver (also for Phillips screws)
7. Cap lifter with
8. Screwdriver
9. Wire stripper
10. Reamer, punch
11. Key ring
12. Tweezers
13. Toothpick

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