Victorinox RangerGrip 61 Red/Black W/Lock 130MM

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Victorinox RangerGrip 61 Red/Black W/Lock 130MM 

The Ranger Grip Series features a modern sturdy look, designed for practicality and portable functionality, with technical Innovation. 

Skillfully crafted with contoured, non slip, Two Component handles and a liner locking one-hand opening blade for quick access. 

The ergonomics of the handle increases safety, performance, and efficiency. 

1. Large Lock Blade w/One Hand Opening 
2. Can Opener 
3. Small Screwdriver 3mm 
4. Bottle Opener 
5. Screwdriver, Lockable 
6. Wire Stripper 
7. Reamer/Punch 
8. Corkscrew 
9. Key Ring 
10. Tweezers 
11. Toothpick

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