Victorinox My First Victorinox 84mm Transparent Red

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Victorinox My First Victorinox 84mm Transparent Red 

This knife has been specially designed for small beginners featuring a short blade without a pointed tip and the combination blade which serves as a bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver and wire stripper. 

My First Victorinox features eight functions, designed especially for small beginners and young adventurers. 

A rounded tip keeps them safe in the bush, while the metal chain and neck strap ensure they never forget their precious companion. 

1. Large Blade w/Rounded Tip 
2. Wire Stripper 
3. Bottle Opener 
4. Screwdriver 5 mm 
5. Can Opener 
6. Key Ring 
7. Toothpick 
8. Tweezers

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