Victorinox Farmer Silver Alox

R 905.00

Victorinox Farmer Silver Alox 

Inspired by the classic Soldier's knife, with the addition of a wood saw and keyring. 

The original Farmer had red Alox scales and the silver cross emblem instead of the current Victorinox Shield logo. Some of the early models had Brass liners, and/or keyring spacers. 
This Farmer features nine functions in sturdy Silver Alox scales, including the icon wood saw. 

1. Large Blade 
2. Wood Saw 
3. Reamer/Punch 
4. Can Opener 
5. Screwdriver 3 mm 
6. Bottle Opener 
7. Wire Stripper 
8. Screwdriver 7.5 mm 
9. Key Ring


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