Victorinox Explorer Red 91mm

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Victorinox Explorer Red 91mm  

The Iconic Swiss Officer's knife, forms the basis for the Explorer, that's outfitted with the tools you need to take just about anything apart and put it back together again, including a magnifying glass for a closer look. 

A medium Officer's Knife with sixteen functions, including a compact magnifying glass, Phillips screwdriver and a multipurpose hook for carrying weighty parcels.
1. Large Blade 
2. Small Blade 
3. Can Opener 
4. Screwdriver 3 mm 
5. Bottle Opener 
6. Wire Stripper 
7. Screwdriver 6 mm 
8. Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl 
9. Corkscrew 
10. Scissors 
11. Magnifying Glass 
12. Phillips Screwdriver 1/2 
13. Multipurpose Hook 
14. Toothpick 
15. Tweezers 
16. Key Ring

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