Victorinox EvoGrip S17 Red/Black W/Lock 85MM

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Victorinox EvoGrip S17 Red/Black W/Lock 85MM 

A perfect blend of modern innovation and ergonomic design with a locking blade. 

Embrace change with The Evolution Grip Lock Blade Collection, engineered with with specially formed ergonomic concave and convex contact points, embedded with non-slip rubber in the four major areas that come in contact with your hand. 

Engineered ergonomic grip results in increased safety, performance and efficiency. 

1. Key Ring 
2. Toothpick 
3. Tweezers 
4. Large Blade 
5. Nail File 
6. Nail Cleaner 
7. Corkscrew 
8. Bottle Opener 
9. Screwdriver 5 mm 
10. Wire Stripper 
11. Can Opener 
12. Screwdriver 3 mm 
13. Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl 
14. Wood Saw 
15. Scissors

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