Victorinox Butcher Knife Fluted - 25cm

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Victorinox Butcher Knife Fluted - 25cm

Professional butcher knife used in meat processing for splitting, stripping and slicing larger joints.

Victorinox the world famous makers of the original Swiss Army pocket knife, also manufacture the Swibo Professional range of butchers knives which feature their signature yellow coloured sanitary safe Grilon handles. Highly recognized in the meat industry and used internationally by the trade in the catering and butchery profession. 

The handle, moulded to precise ergonomic criteria, gives natural support to the palm and fingers, reducing fatigue, giving greater precision, with optimum comfort and maximum efficiency. Manufactured from GRILON, a Swiss made polyamide, which never deteriorates, is compact, non-porous, and resistant to high temperatures. 

The stainless steel blades of Swibo knives are made to the grade of 440a with a 56-58 Rockwell rating. 

Dishwasher safe with a sterilisable temperate of 120 degrees celsius.

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