Victorinox Allrounder Cutting Board Big

R 965.00

Victorinox Allrounder Cutting Board Big 


Epicurean boards are created from environmentally friendly wood fibre and bound together by a food safe resin that doesn't dull your knife as fast as traditional blocks. 

Features a thicker profile, integrated with a natural groove on one side to capture liquids and keep counter tops clean. The dual-sided boards show a flat surface on the reverse side of the groove. 

Lightweight, easy to handle, and designed with a handy utility hole for easy hanging. 

Stylish for serving as well as a hard-working board for prep work. 

Caring for Your Epicurean Cutting Surface 
Your Epicurean Cutting Board is a wood product. To prevent warping, avoid prolonged exposure to wet conditions, and store it upright until dry. Though it is stain-resistant, some foods may leave color over time. To remove stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive household cleaner. 

Size: 35.50 x 28.50 x 0.76 cm 
Heat-Resistant, Eco and Blade Friendly Cutting Board. 
Exclusively Made by Epicurean. 
NNB: Not Microwave Safe. Not For Use As Cookware. 
Made in the USA.


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