Victorinox Ecoline Matte Red 91mm

R 395.00

Victorinox Ecoline Matte Red 91mm

The EcoLine was developed in response to the markets demand for a select range of best selling models featuring durable scratch resistant Matte Nylon handles with foil a embossed Swiss Cross. 

This compact EcoLine Officer's Knife features thirteen essential functions, with tools to cater for all of life's adventures. 

Ideal for corporate gifts. 

1. Large Blade 
2. Small Blade 
3. Can Opener 
4. Small Screwdriver 
5. Corkscrew 
6. Wood Saw 
7. Key Ring 
8. Toothpick 
9. Tweezers 
10. Bottle Opener 
11. Screwdriver 
12. Wire Stripper 
13. Reamer w/Sewing Eye

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