Self Defence Pepper Balls .50 Cal 20 Pack

R 200.00

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Self Defence Pepper Balls .50 Cal 20 Pack

Potent powder pepper ball ammo, combining kinetic impact, psychological shock, and sensory incapacitation to irritate and gain compliance. The frangible projectile is filled with high levels of powder capsaicin preparation and other enhancing agents that bursts on impact.

The powder infiltrates the sensory system of an assailant, incapacitating, primarily affecting the eyes, difficulty in breathing and severe disorientation. The mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, eyes and respiratory airways react defensively to the capsicum burn, producing tears, a running nose, saliva and coughing as it irritates cells. Engineered for consistent performance. Ideal for home or personal security.

.50 Cal Pepper Balls
Compatible w/Most Paintball/Self-Defence Guns

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