Ultratec Twista Rechargeable 54xLED Fan

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Ultratec Twista Rechargeable 54xLED Fan

Adjustable Wind Speed
3 easily adjustable fan modes, press once for low, twice for medium and 3 times for high-speed fan speed.
Turn off the fan by pressing a fourth _me.
Adjustable Light Output
2 LED light modes. Press once for low light and twice for high light mode. Press a third _me to turn the LED light off.
Product Specifications:
- USB input Rechargeable battery
- Light run _me: 3 hrs at 100% (High mode)
- Light run _me: 5 hrs at 50% (Low mode)
- Fan low speed - 6 hrs battery life
- Fan medium speed - 4 hrs battery life
- Fan high speed - 2 hrs battery life
- Fan power: 4W
- LED light: 150 Lumens
- Dimensions: 16.8cm x 6.5cm
- Weight: 0.3 kg
What's in the box:
- 1x 2in1 Fan with camping light
- 1x USB input cable
Please fully charge your 2in1 fan and camping light before use.
Do not expose to rain or excessively humid conditions.
Do not drop to avoid damage.
Charge using the provided USB cable.
Do not attempt to touch the moving fan blades to avoid personal injury.
Do not insert any foreign objects into the fan to avoid product damage.
To avoid battery damage, recharge every 2 months when not being used

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