UltraEdge FixedFlame Fixed Blade w Fire Starter

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UltraEdge FixedFlame Fixed Blade w Fire Starter

There are plenty of multipurpose tools out there. Some even make sense. The ultraedge fixed blade with fire starter is arguably one of the more intelligent multitools. Obviously when you are looking for everyday carry tools and are planning to pack for the end of the world or a really bad camping trip, then having a multipurpose, multitool that allows you to carry more gear in smaller packs is a really good idea. The fire striker on the knife allows you to carry a nice sharp blade plus the ability to make fires as an added bonus.

Affordable everyday carry

When your planning on packing and making Everyday carry kits, bug out bags and essential multitool packs, it starts to cost a bit. At less than R250 for a decent blade and fire making gear you really can’t turn your nose up at this Ultraedge knife and fire starter combo. You can remover this knife one handed with from the sheath and the belt loop allows for it to be attached easily to a belt, webbing or a bag. This is the ideal backup gear that gets put in a back pack, webbing, hiking bag or in the side pouch of a back pack for emergency use. Its the type of tool that will go in the bag labelled Essential gear.


The fact that this knife comes with a sheath, a fire starter and a whistle really does land it in the essential category. This is a must have for everyday carry and survival roles. Click on buy to add this to your arsenal of essential and multitool gear.

  • Fixed blade knife with sheath
  • 8.4″/213mm Overall length
  •  3.9″/98mm Blade Length
  • Mirror finished 5Cr15MoV
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Moulded ABS ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Integral fire-starter
  • Lanyard with whistle

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