TFX Zosma 900Ln Rechargeable Torch

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TFX Zosma 900Ln Rechargeable Torch

The brand new TFX range is here, offering a series of tactical lights designed to provide high power and concentrated outputs. Although a new name in the industry, they are powered by Ledlenser, a trusted and reliable brand with over 20 years experience.

Coming in as the smallest of the TFX series, the Zosma 900 utilises a cool white Xtreme LED with a colour temperature of 6500-7000 K to provide a maximum output of 900 lumens, and a beam range of up to 160 metres on the high power setting. The tactically optimised reflector focuses a large part of the LED to create a central hot spot which can be good for blinding potential threats, while also providing spill lighting around the hot spot to illuminate surroundings for the ideal tactical beam profile.

The tactical tail switch has a U shaped design to help prevent accidental activation and controls all the functions of the torch. A full press of the tail switch will turn the light on and off, and once turned on the brightness level can also be selected by softly pressing the tail switch to cycle through high, mid, low. There is also a strobe function for tactical defence which can be activated with two quick soft presses of the button when the light is on.

A second user mode is also available that offers only the high output when turning the torch on/off. To switch between the modes simply soft press the button 10 times in quick succession while the light is on.

To install the included Ledlenser micro USB 880 mAh 14500 lithium-ion battery the tail end unscrews to insert it with the positive end towards the head, and the tail cap can then be screwed back on as tight as it will go to ensure a good connection. The Zosma 900 can also be powered by a non-rechargeable AA alkaline battery or a rechargeable AA NiMH battery, which is useful if you run out of charge and require a back up power source, however never attempt to charge the torch with any type of AA batteries installed.

The 14500 lithium-ion battery features a micro USB port built into the top of the battery so that it can be charged outside of the torch using the included micro USB cable via a computer or a suitable mains/car charger (not included). While charging is in progress an LED indicator glows red and once charging is complete the green indicator will illuminate  after approximately 4 hours for a full charge (charging time varies depending on the USB output used). A low battery indicator will be triggered to remind you to charge the battery when it is almost depleted by flashing the white light 3 times every 5 minutes while turned on.

The impressive ingress protection offers a rating of IP68 making it fully resistant to solids and fully waterproof when submerged in water up to a depth of 2 metres for 30 minutes, and it is impact resistant up to 2 metres, so you know it can withstand the toughest of tactical applications. A wrist lanyard is included for extra security while carrying, and a nylon holster provides protection and easy belt carry when not in use.

Don’t let the size fool you! The TFX Zosma 900, a compact, lightweight and intuitive tactical flashlight, delivers a powerful, consistent and reliable light, even in the most adverse conditions. The design features a robust and durable encasement, offers a variety of light functions (e.g. strobe, different dimming levels), runs off a powerful battery and includes a newly developed safety strap. The Zosma 900 is much more than just a backup flashlight for seeing at the night, it is an extremely versatile everyday carry flashlight.

  • Compact, tactical flashlight: optimized light pattern and specific light functions
  • End cap switch, glass shield, clip, roll protection and low weight due to aluminum body
  • Adjustable, tactical lanyard
  • 14500 Li-ion battery, directly rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • Can alternatively be operated with AA alkaline batteries

Technical Data:

Length [mm] – 102
Head diameter [mm] – 28
Tube diameter [mm] – 20
Weight incl. batteries [g] – 78
Weight without batteries [g] – 58
Focus function – No
Head material – Aluminum alloy
Tube material – Aluminum alloy
Optic – Reflector
Cartridge – No

Power source type Rechargeable battery
Battery quantity – 1
Battery type – Li-ion
Battery replaceable – Yes
Total battery voltage [V] – 3.6
Total battery capacity [mAh] – 880
Total battery energy² [Wh] – 3.168
Rechargeable – Yes
Charging time [min] – 240
Charging technology – External
Energy status indicator – Charge Indicator
Usable batteries AA Alkaline 1.5V, AA NiMH 1.2V, Li-ion 3.7V

Power Mode:
Light output [lm] – 900
Beam distance [m] – 160
Run time [h] – 1

Mid Power Mode:
Light output [lm] – 300
Beam distance [m] – 90
Run time [h] – 1.5

Low Power Mode:
Light output [lm] – 40
Beam distance [m] – 30
Run time [h] – 9

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