Swiza C03 Livor Swiss Knife

R 695.00

Swiza C03 Livor Swiss Knife

The authentic Swiss knife Swiza C03 Livor with sure grip, soft touch handle and with a modern interpretation of contemporary architecture in Camouflage Design, a trendy tool for all who are en vogue. Its curved shape adapts to the palm, together with the blade lock system of the 75mm blade safe working is guaranteed. This knife in marvelous blue tones will please all who appreciate sophisticated design.

Functions include:
- 75mm Blade
- Secure Blade Lock
- Reamer / Punch
- Sewing Awl
- Bottle Opener
- No3 Screwdriver
- Wire Bender
- Can Opener
- No1 Screwdriver
- Corkscrew
- Tweezers

Product code:
- KNI.0030.2030

- The blades in every Swiza Swiss Knife are forged from a chrome and molybdenum alloy to obtain an extra strong, durable and tenacious blade and then polished to an impervious stainless steel finish.
- 440/57 HRC Stainless Steel
- 75mm Length
- Excellent cutting performance
- Die cut slot on spine for easy opening with either the left or right hand
- Safety Lock System: Press the Swiza cross button to release the lock allowing the blade to close

- This high-quality hardened stainless steel awl is perfect for piercing leather and is strong enough to indent hard materials.
- It includes a threading eye and features an additional resistance for optimized use when the tool is open.

Can Opener
- The hardened stainless steel can opener efficiently opens cans by hooking the tool under the rim of the can and cutting the top using a rotating up and down motion.
- This versatile tool also features a No. 1 flathead screwdriver at the end of the tool.

Bottle Opener / Screwdriver
- This hardened stainless steel universal bottle opener can also be used to pry and remove small nails, bend wire with the integrated wire hole and includes a No. 3 flathead screwdriver, and features an additional resistance at 90 degrees and 180 degrees for optimized use.

- The sommelier caliber hardened stainless steel corkscrew has a cork-friendly diameter and 5 turn action that easily and confidently pulls corks without tearing.

- Made from high quality hardened stainless steel, these handy tweezers feature beveled tips for high precision use including removing splinters and thorns.
- The improved lever thickness increases the spring effect and bend shape is engineered to ensure optimal grip and use.

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