Sure-Light Safety match

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Sure-Light Safety match

An alternative to a Fueled Lighter.

    • Size: 60x40x13mm
    • Length of Striker 52mm
    • Striker Diameter: 4mm
    • Striker Blade Width: 2.5mm
    • 'O' ring size: 4mm I/D & 7.5mm O/D

For best results Fill with Lighter Fluid or Benzine, however Paraffin will also work

When needed unscrew the Steel Match Striker, Place striking blade across the groove and strike downwards.

The spark will light the fumes of the fuel and the cotton will act as a wick for a long burn time. 

If you have purposely overfilled the box with more than 5ml of lighter fluid or benzene, cover the hole  to prevent spillage of fluid. Use the excess fuel as a fire-starter. 

No evaporation can take place from the Sure-Light Safety Match if sealed correctly.

The sparks alone can be used to ignite Gas Stove and Braai's

Compact, Portable and Reliable. Even if you have no fluid the sparks can be used to start a fire!

Tips for use:

    • Cover the hole with a finger when striking to avoid accident or loss or spillage of excess fuel. (If you decide to overfill) 
    • Make sure the blade is placed across the groove for full contact with the flint. If you are shaving plastic, you are doing it wrong :-) 
    • Engrave your Logo, Name or ICE details on the base or side of the box.
    • Look after the 'O' ring to avoid loss of lighter fluid. 
    • If you have overfilled the Sure Light, use the excess as a fire-starter by pouring it over the kindling
    • Extinguish the match before replacing it in the Sure-Light Box 

With quick practice you will be able to strike the match and get a large flame going.

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