Sumatra Carbine 5.5MM air rifle

R 12,880.00   R 12,880.00

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Sumatra Carbine 5.5MM air rifle

Sumatra Carbine PCP lever action Hunting air rifle with 2x6-shot magazines, adjustable cheek piece. 290cc Air capacity. Although this is the smallest in the Sumatra range, the Carbine is still more powerful than 99.9% of other brands of PCP air rifle out there. More than enough power to hunt larger animals as wel as for self defense.

Caliber 5.5mm

The Carbine is the scaled down version of the Sumatra 500cc. The only diffrence being barrel length and air capacity as well as lower velocity due to the shorter barrel. But this gun has ''small gun syndrome'',  it has a bad attitude and a loud mouth. Therefore it needs a silencer and a big boy like you ! This guns advantage is it size and the fact that it still has high power. Velocity 950fps using a Samyang 28.4 grain round nose pellet. Adjust your power levels to suit the range or the size of your prey.

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