Sabre Red .54oz Black Fliptop with Keyring

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Sabre Red .54oz Black Fliptop with Keyring

Sabre Red Pepper Spray Flip Top with Key Ring and Finger Grip- Black

Flip top and press button to discharge. Flip top prevents accidental discharge.

Product Overview
Maximum stopping power: in-house laboratory guarantees maximum heat, every single time, eliminating the 30% failure rate experience with other pepper spray brands (university of utah study) plus uv marking dye aids in suspect identification
Protection against multiple threats: each model comes with 25 bursts (up to 5x more than other brands), providing protection against multiple targets.

Number 1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide: including new york, chicago pd, los angeles county sheriff’s & us marshals; made in the usa and iso 9001:2008 certified with a 4-year shelf life from the date of manufacture
Gel is safer: pepper gel does not atomize like traditional pepper spray, meaning it virtually eliminates wind blowback and only affects the intended target, plus 20% greater range (12 feet/4m) for protection at a safer distance.
Faster, easier, more accurate aim: finger grip enhances your grasp, aim and allows you to keep your eye on a threat. The flip top design prevents accidental discharge and is the fastest to use while under stress. Attaches to a key ring for easy access.
Free training: packaging includes link to free training video in addition to publicly available safety tips on our blog

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