Sabre Red 1000K Volt Stun Gun and LED Flashlight

R 710.00

Sabre Red 1000K Volt Stun Gun and LED Flashlight 

Regardless of your profession, your neighborhood or your daily routine, personal security should be top of mind for you and your family. Personal protection devices such as stun guns are increasingly seen as a practical means of self-defense because they are easy to get to and pack just the right punch. A person armed with the right self-defense equipment may effectively escape an attacker without the risk of delivering a lethal blow.

Men, women, security workers, property owners - virtually anyone can make use of stun guns as non-lethal self-defense.

Features and Specifications :

  • Exceptional stopping power with built-in LED flashlight (80 lumen)
  • Product support - backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Reliable - test-fired before leaving the factory and backed by 40 years' experience in the security industry
  • 2.4 mAmps of forceful stopping power to neutralize threats and constructed from airforce grade aluminum
  • Safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge

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