Rogue Leather Food 125ml

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Rogue Leather Food 125ml

Rogue Genuine Leather Food helps prolong the lifespan of all our leather products.
A build-up of wax in the leather will extend the life of the leather by repelling water & nourishing the leather keeping it soft & supple.

Rogue Leather Food is made from a blend of natural waxes and oils, designed to protect the leather against harsh environments. It can be used on waxy, oily and smooth leather, but is NOT suitable for suede.

Water Exposure:
Allow water to dry naturally and slowly without any direct heat!

Stains & marks:
These will occur through normal wear and tear. Canvas can be washed at your own discretion and must left to dry in the shade. Full-grain leather cannot be washed but can be oiled to disguise the marks. Suede can be lightly buffed with a fine grit sandpaper to remove dirt or be washed with a light detergent occasionally.

To extend the life of your leather, treat it with a leather conditioner and avoid extreme temperatures. Kindly note our warranty does not apply to the natural wear and tear of your product, canvas bags or the inner lining of our items. Any superficial stains are the responsibility of the customer.

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