Rogue Inyati Full Leather Genuine Buffalo Hat

Size: Small
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Rogue Inyati Full Leather Genuine Buffalo Hat

The word means "Buffalo".... There's nothing else like it out there.

When available, it's made from Genuine African Buffalo leather. One of our Originals, we started making this hat from day 1.  When Buffalo leather is unavailable, we can make it in Genuine Wildebeest. All of our game leathers are either commercially farmed or come from legally culled animals.


  • Buffalo leather
  • Medium brim
  • Fly band

        *Due to the nature of Leather and Canvas, colour variations may occur. Tick marks, scars and scratches that you may find on our products are natural. It's hell in Africa!

        HAT SIZING:

        • SMALL = 54-55CM
        • MEDIUM = 56-57CM
        • LARGE = 58-59CM
        • X-LARGE = 60-61CM
        • XX-LARGE = 62-63CM
        • SMALL = 50CM
        • MEDIUM = 52CM

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