JSB Diabolo Exact Monster .177 - 13.43gr

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JSB Diabolo Exact Monster .177

According to its name, it is the heaviest pellet available, that's being redesigned. The weight has been chosen to fit the most powerful air rifles currently available on the market. 

This very high power is appreciated by the FAC air guns lovers and shooters looking for maximum stability in any weather and windy conditions. 

The whole Exact Series is the benchmark of quality for field target shooters, hunters and enthusiasts shooting with their airgun in extreme distances. 

Number one choice for airgun hunters. Muzzle velocity is 190 m/s if the power of airgun is set to 16J. 

Calibre: .177/4.5 mm 
Weight: 13.43 gr 
Diameter: 4.52 mm 
Shape: Domed 
Quantity: 400

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