JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo .22/5.5mm - 15.9gr

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JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo .22/5.5mm - 15.9gr

Due to its weights, and specially designed shape, perfect distribution of the centre of gravity and alignment, the JSB Exact Jumbo's are the best choice for longer-distance shooting. 

The whole Exact Series is the benchmark of quality for field target shooters, hunters and enthusiasts shooting with their airgun in extreme distances. 

A bestseller when it comes to .22 pellets. Ammunition tested by 45 meter shooting. Muzzle velocity is 175 m/s if the power of airgun is set to 16J. 

Calibre: .22/5.5 mm 
Weight: 15.9 gr 
Shape: Domed 
Diameter: 5.52 mm 
Quantity: 500

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