P&G Purifier of Water - Water Treatment Sachets

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P&G Purifier of Water - Water Treatment Sachets

P&G Purifier of Water is a powdered water purification technology packaged in a 4-gram packet. It works like a dirt magnet, pulling dirt and contaminants out of unclean water. Made up of the same ingredients used in municipal water treatment systems.
It provides a visible signal that the water is getting cleaner, even in highly turbid water, and this increases user confidence.
Provides residual chlorination so that the water will remain usable for about a day. The portability of the light-weight packets makes them a viable option for distribution to victims of emergencies and natural disasters or to hard-to-reach rural areas.
1 xz 4g sachet will disinfect upto 10l of clear water.
Application: Outdoor, Survival, Emergency, Disaster Relief

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