Nordiske White/Black Shemagh

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Nordiske White/Black Shemagh

The Nordiske White and Black Shemagh is a significant piece of any survival kit or bag and great for everyday use. It is also known as a Keffiyeh, Arab or Palestinian Scarf, Tactical or Military Scarf, Head Wrap, Headdress, Smaug or extra large Bandana.

Wear as a face mask, balaclava, or headwrap, designed to protect the head and neck from sun and other extreme weather conditions. Breathable woven cotton construction, providing the perfect combination of comfort and resiliency, while the versatile shemagh can also be manipulated into a survival tool, makeshift tourniquet, sling and pouch.

The Shemagh Scarf or Smaug head wrap has long been used by people in Arab nations. The Arab Scarf or Arab headdress often and unfortunately gets a bad wrap because of prejudice against the people or areas where they are mainly used. A good idea can come from anywhere. It’s many uses include Desert, Tactical or Military Scarf because of it’s use as camouflage and protection against the elements in heat, cold, wind and sun.

100% Cotton
Size: 42" x 42"

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