Man Kung RB015BK 18lbs Recurve Bow Set

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Man Kung RB015BK 18lbs Recurve Bow Set

This archery starter kit provides a recurve bow Man Kung MK-RB015BK 18LBS which has a one-piece construction with a plastic handle and fiberglass limbs. The MK-RB015BK recurve has a draw-weight of 18 lbs. The archery bow is easy to use and ideal for children of 12 years or older.

This fully equipped the archery starter kit is ideal for children and young people and comes complete with, a quiver, 2 fiberglass arrows, pin-sight, arrow rest, finger-tab and arm protector. A complete ready to shoot recurve bow set suitable for right and left handed shooters.

Additionally, the bow’s comfortable grip and adjustable draw length make it suitable for archers of various ages and sizes. This allows young archers to grow into the bow as they develop their skills and strength.

In conclusion, the Man Kung Recurve Bow Set with an 18-pound draw weight is a fantastic choice for beginners and youth archers. With its manageable draw weight, complete set of accessories, recurve design, durability, and adjustable features, it provides an excellent platform for learning and enjoying the sport of archery. This comprehensive set ensures that aspiring archers have everything they need to get started on the right foot, fostering a love for archery that can last a lifetime.


  • Draw weight: 18 lbs
  • Draw length: 24 inches – 61 cm
  • Weight: 0,98 kg – 2.15 lbs
  • Bow length: 44 inches – 111.8 cm
  • Arrow speed: 80 fps – 87.8 km / h
  • Limbs: Fiberglass
  • Riser: Plastic

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