Lansky QuadSharp - Multi Angle Knife Sharpener

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Lansky QuadSharp - Multi Angle Knife Sharpener

The QuadSharp Pocket Sharpener is the smallest, portable, versatile knife sharpener to maintain your knives in the field to the exact angle you set with your Lansky Kit.

The carbide V-groove sharpens in 3 to 4 strokes.

The built-in ceramic polishing benchstone allows this pocket sharpener to be used as a fully functional, stand alone sharpening solution. Freehand polish your newly sharpened edge on the built-in ceramic benchstone or effective to sharpening serrations with it's tapering.

Sharpens Straight/Serrated Blades
Ceramic BenchStone: Medium 800 Grit
Sharpens Serrations w/Tapered Ceramic

17 Degree Angle - Fillet/Fine Slicing
20 Degree Angle - Skinning/Kitchen Cutlery
25 Degree Angle - Hunting/OutDoor Knives
30 Degree Angle - Heavy Duty Cutting/Chopping

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