Kuzey K300 Bullpup PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm

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Kuzey K300 Bullpup PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm


The Kuzey K300 Bullpup PCP Air Rifle is a high quality Bullpup PCP air rifle in 5.5mm calibre. It features a large 280cc air tank and a 12 shot magazine capacity. It comes in a quality Turkish Walnut finish on the stock and a glossy black aluminium receiver.


  • Quality Turkish Walnut stock
  • Glossy black aluminium receiver
  • Large 280cc air tank volume
  • Bullpup design


Caliber 5.5mm/.22
Muzzle Velocity with 18.13g Pellet 823 fps
Muzzle Energy with 18.13g Pellet 27.26 fp.lbs
Air Capacity 280 CC
Mag Capacity 12
Barrel Length 480 mm
Weight 3.3 kg

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