Kershaw 1019X Fire Starter

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Kershaw 1019X Fire Starter

Kershaw Firestarter (1019X), 3.1" High-Performance Magnesium Firesteel, Chrome-Plated Striker Steel, Up to 3000 Strikes, Waterproof, Easy to Operate, Red Molded Plastic Handle, Nylon Lanyard, 1.1 OZ

Even in humid climates, Kershaw's Fire Starter generates hot sparks. Whether it's rain, snow, or whatever conditions Mother Nature has in store, with this magnesium alloy fire steel, you'll always be able to create the spark you want to ignite your fire.

The ignition steel has a service life of up to 3000 ignitions and the scraper made of chrome-plated steel can be easily held and handled. The shaped plastic handle is designed to be user-friendly, and with the nylon strap, Duden can keep lighters handy at all times.
To start a fire, all you need is a small pile of dried grass, wood chips or other tinder.
The sparks will ignite the dry material, and once the fire is in progress, larger pieces of wood can gradually be added until it reaches the desired size.
Kershaw fire steel can also be used to light camping stoves and gas grills. In an emergency situation, the bright sparks can serve as distress signals to draw attention to yourself.

This fire lighter has a compact size and thus fits comfortably in the trouser or jacket pocket. Of course, it can also be accommodated in your Drybox and is an essential addition to your survival equipment.


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