JSB Match Middle Weight Diabolo 4,52 mm - 8.02gr - 500pc

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JSB Match Middle Weight Diabolo 4,52 mm  - 8.02gr - 500pc 

The JSB Match Middle Weight 4,52 mm is one of the most popular JSB models in the entire JSB range. Due to its weight (0.520 g) it is suitable for most commonly used air weapons - for both, rifles and pistols.

Perfectly flat head allows to obtain perfectly visible smooth, non-ragged bullet holes. Smooth goblet, without knurling. The package contains 500 pieces.

Match - precise, manually selected pellet, characterized by a stable trajectory of flight. This is the best ammunition used for the ISSF Competition. Made with the maximum possible accuracy of dimensions and weight. Intended for shooting at targets up to a distance of 10 meters. It is characterized by excellent focus shots and perfectly cut holes in the target. It is designed for precise shield shooting: sports, amateur and effective shooting training. Tested at a distance of 10 m (point to point shooting), required result after 5 shots, spread to 1.5 mm.

Calibre: .177/4.5 mm 
Weight: 8.02 gr 
Diameter: 4.52 mm 
Shape: Flat Nose 
Quantity: 500

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