JSB Exact Jumbo Express 5.52mm 14.35Gr 500pc

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JSB Exact Jumbo Express 5.52mm 14.35Gr 500pc

The weight of the JSB Jumbo Express was designed specifically for the most air rifles.

They are heavy and remain stable even at performance over 16J, but even 20J is not the least problem for them.

The JSB Jumbo Express 5.5 mm airgun pellets are designed to give maximum impact and expansion thanks to its specially designed point.

JSB Jumbo Express Diabolo 5.5mm 14.35gr

A real projectile for owners of air rifles.

Slightly lightened and therefore significantly faster Exact Jumbo variation.

It is a unique choice for weapons with restricted power.

Do they want to restrict you by its power?

Beat them with speed and accuracy!

Higher velocity and flatter trajectory.

Muzzle velocity is 185 m/s if the power of airgun is set to 16J.

With a Muzzle velocity when setting the weapon to 16J: 185m / s.

Ammunition Type Pellets
Pellet Diameter 5.52 mm
Pellet Weight 14.35 gr
Pellet Shape Round Head
Quantity 500 pieces

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