JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact RS .22/5.52 mm - 250 Pieces

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JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact RS .22/5.52 mm - 250 Pieces

The lightest round nose JSB pellet, a super calibre, designed for precise shooting. RS means 'Rapid Speed', the ultra-fast speed of this pellet is much higher than regular shot, yet delivering consistent flight stabilization for excellent accuracy along with flat trajectory and brutal efficiency. A powerful and versatile hunting pellet, also suitable for long distance precision shooting. The Exact series of pellets are distinguished by high quality control - hand-picked, precision workmanship, specially designed weights and shapes, with perfect distribution of centre of gravity and alignment.

Ammunition Type Pellets
Pellet Diameter 5.52 mm
Pellet Weight 13.43 g
Pellet Shape Round Head
Quantity 250 pieces

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