JSB Diabolo Hades Pellets .22/5.5 mm - 250

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JSB Diabolo Hades Pellets .22/5.5 mm - 250

A bestseller in .22 heavy, hard hitting hunting pellets, designed with expansion, accuracy and devastation down range! Unique, specialty hunting hollow point head with considerable shock impact expansion, featuring a 'frangible devastating ballistic cavity'. The head design is based on the shape of JSB Exact King Heavy, producing more expansion than a typical hollow point pellet, inflicting as much damage as possible while hunting, as rapid fragmentation prevents the pellet from exiting.

Excellent accuracy and consistency, not only suitable for hunting purposes but also for short distances due to less ricochet. Fits majority of the . 22 magazines on the market, with the weight suitable for most strong PCP rifles available on the market.

Pellet Diameter 5.50 mm
Pellet Weight 15.89 gr
Pellet Shape Domed Head
Quantity 250 pieces

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