JSB Diabolo Hades .25/6.35mm - 26.54Gr - 300Pce

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JSB Diabolo Hades .25/6.35mm - 26.54Gr - 300Pce


  • .25/ 6.35mm
  • 26.54 grains
  • Domed
  • 300 per tin

Diabolo Hades cal .25, precise heavy pellets. One of the best Hunter class pellets on the market. JSB Diabolo Hades pellets achieve consistent accuracy, shot after shot. These JSB Diabolo Hades .25-cal, 26.54-grain pellets ship in a 300-count tin

Weight suitable for most strong rifles available on the market. Due to the appropriate mass and perfect balance, a stable flight path of the projectile was obtained, also during gusts of wind. These pellets are designed to open up on impact to deliver a shocking blow to your target, unlike traditional pellets that can pass through, with a great energy loss and little terminal damage, these create a much more destructive wound channel for devastating results.

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