Honey Badger D2 Wharncleaver Green - Small

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Honey Badger D2 Wharncleaver Green - Small 

Honey Badger’s frictionless opening and closing action, facilitated by two opposing roller bearings containing a total of 18 ball bearings, very few knives ever achieve such an immaculate action, and makes using them a real pleasure.

This shape has a straighter cutting-edge geometry and a broad flat ground blade. The blade shape is similarly ideal for slicing while minimizing the possibility of an accidental puncture with the tip. The specific Honey Badger “Wharncleaver” blade style also incorporates elements of a cleaver blade style in maximizing great features of both designs in a very practical everyday carry design and is ideally suited for very many cutting tasks.

Specs & Features

  • Superbly designed to be tough.
    • Honey comb pattern for multi-directional grip.
    • Light and Slim• Resistant to slipping even if wet
    • Fit ergonomically in the hand
    • D2 Steel
    • Handle FRN (Fibre Reinforced Nylon)
    • Longer Cutting edge
    • Reversible pocket clip

    Overall Length: 166mm
    Blade Length: 71mm
    Closed Length: 94mm
    Blade Thickness 0.3mm
    Weight: 73g

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