Hiplok Z-Lok Combo

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Hiplok Z-Lok Combo

Hiplok Z Lok Combo is a lightweight, multi-use, steel core security tie ideal for quick pit stops on your rides. This lock is intended for low-risk environments and situations, ideal for preventing the “snatch and run” thefts, which is one of the most common ways riders become walkers.

Even though Hiplok Z Lok Combo will do little to prevent a determined and well-armed thief from taking your bike, it will give you peace of mind when you enter the shop for a few minutes to grab an energy bar or a Gatorade.

Overall Design
Hiplok Z Lok Combo is essentially a tough cable tie that consists of an 8mm reinforced steel core wrapped in soft plastic that protects your frame.

This lock operates like a zip tie, with a three-digit combo locking mechanism. Basically, you thread the tie through the locking mechanism and scramble the digits to secure your possessions.

The mechanism has a reset function that works when the tie is unlocked, so you can change your combination whenever you wish.

Z Lok Combo has a 430mm locking length and weighs just 70g. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to put in a pocket or a bag and carry along.

If pairing colors with your bike is important, this lock is available in four distinct colors — black, teal, yellow, and green.

Ease of Use
Reset Button on Hiplok Z Combo lock
You can reset the code when the lock is not engaged

Hiplok Z Lok Combo is pretty easy to use. It locks and unlocks in a matter of seconds, considering you haven’t forgotten your safety combination.

The 430mm locking length is enough to tie your top or down tube to almost any bike rack or post. However, it can be too short if you try to tie the front or the rear wheel as well.

But, considering it weighs just 70g, you can take it anywhere and forget about it until you need it. Great for some added protection or low-risk situations.

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