Hatsan Flash 101 5.5mm PCP Air Rifle

Sale priceR 5,500.00


Hatsan Flash 101 5.5mm PCP Air Rifle

This "entry level" airgun amazed us with both power and accuracy. Slinging 18.13 grain pellets around 910fps, making it a 33.4ft.lbs rifle!
Side-lever cocking, light in weight, 2 mags and a single shot tray. Unbeatable value at this price range!

This is a really nice version of the FLASH, featuring an ambidextrous thamb-hole stock, also with a polymer side / two stage cocking lever. The cocking force required is surprisingly low, doesn't require you to exert significant effort, merely to have to chamber the folowing round.

You are supplied with an air stripper at the front end that does thread off if you want to replace it with a 1/2 x 20 UNF threaded .22 silencer.


Caliber 5.5mm/.22
Muzzle Velocity with 18.13g Pellet 910 fps
Muzzle Energy with 18.13g Pellet 33.33 fp.lbs
Air Capacity 215 CC
Mag Capacity 12
Barrel Length 450 mm
Weight 2.68 kg

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