CRKT Kangee T-Hawk - Black

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CRKT Kangee T-Hawk - Black

You will find the T-Hawk very well balanced easily controlled, and ready for an indispensable place in every tactical gear bag!

A useful tool of the professional trade; to have one is to know and appreciate its true worth in the field...especially ones this good. Tomahawks have been a mainstay of utility in the military for a long time. From manual utility tasks to self-defense fighting tools, they have carved out a unique place in many a tactical gear bag. 

Designer Ryan Johnson has been honing his tactical tomahawk designs over the last 30 years and has earned a dedicated and loyal fan base, particularly among special forces troops. 

His Chogan and Kangee T-Hawks are shaped of single-piece steel with a curved handle and grip choils along the front for enhanced holding power. Full-length handle scales are checkered for added grip security, and can be removed for cleaning. 

The two different models offer distinctive bladed head styles, which both provide exceptional utility and toughness. 

You will find both of these T-Hawks very well balanced and easily controlled, while still being robust enough to handle most anything dished out. 

Molle equipped, form-fitting Kydex sheaths slip over the head and secure with a buckled strap. Features Ryan Johnson's "3 Slot Buckle" system for easy attachment to MOLLE gear.

Blade Steel SK5 Carbon Steel
Colour Black
Handle Glass Filled Nylon; EDM Finish
Cutting Edge Plain
Carry System Sheath
Blade Length 7.4 cm
Overall Length 35 cm
- Black Kydex Sheath with Molle Clip Platform 
- 3.6 ounces 
- Axe Edge Front with Spike 
- Black Powder Coat

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