Crimson Talon XT Broadhead - 3 Pack Black

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Crimson Talon XT Broadhead - 3 Pack Black

Unleash the predator with the CRIMSON TALON broadhead. The world’s most accurate and lethal broadhead incorporates spin-tite airfoil technology which spin-stabilizes arrows from the front. Three rigid airfoils on the blades achieve high-speed spin which keeps your arrow flying true. These airfoils cause the arrow to screw through the target like a drywall screw, producing a spiral wound channel – the most lethal in the bowhunting industry. Massive hemorrhaging and unmistakable blood trails result.

CRIMSON TALON broadheads feature a V-Lock Blade Attachment System that solidly secures the blades into the ferrule for rock-solid performance. They are available in a 100-grain model with rugged replaceable 0.028″ surgical stainless steel main blades and bleeder blades.

All bowhunters want their shots to be accurate and traditionally they have attempted to guide their arrows from the rear with vanes or feathers. By applying variable-degree axial flow airfoils to the trailing edge of the Crimson Talon Broadhead blades – arrows are now spin-stabilized from the front, a design that we call SpinTite Airfoil Technology. This departure from traditional broadhead design dramatically reduces wind drag, flattens trajectories and makes your arrows fly true. SpinTite Airfoil Technology improves ballistics – the faster the bow, the more spin-stabilization imparted on the shaft of the arrow. No more being penalized for shooting an ultra-fast bow or one of today’s crossbows. And because arrows are now spin-stabilized by the broadhead, wind-planing is a thing of the past.

Pack of 3…100gr

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