Cold Steel Urban Edge Serrated Blade

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Cold Steel Urban Edge Serrated Blade

A perfect 'EDC' choice, that's light enough to be worn as a neck knife or hung from a key ring or a purse, but designed to be a surprisingly versatile tool, with cutting power to make a formidable last resort self defense tool.

The secure grip allows you to open your hand while still having full control over the knife while opening boxes, pausing to sign for deliveries or type on a computer or tablet - all without the knife ever leaving your hand!

Blade Style: Dagger
Blade Grind: Chisel
Sheath: Secure-Ex, Black Bead Lanyard Chain

Colour Black
Blade Length 6.3 cm
Overall Length 10.1 cm
Handle Kray-Ex
Blade Steel Japanese AUS 8A w/Satin Finish
Edge Type Serrated
Blade Type Spear Point Blade
Carry System Sheath
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Weight 53.87g



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